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Touchstone Golf was founded by Steve Harker, a PGA Professional, and his brother Doug. Touchstone’s beginnings in January 2005 were initially focused on serving as an advisory company to the golf course industry. Our first client was PGA TOUR Properties, owners and operators of the "Tournament Players Courses" or "TPCs". Touchstone’s business plan was to gradually evolve from a consulting company to a full-service management company. Today, Touchstone Golf is one of the nation's fastest growing golf course management companies, and currently ranks as the 10th largest company of its kind in the United States. In 2018, Touchstone was named on the National Golf Foundation’s Top 100 Businesses in Golf.

We recognize that each golf course property is unique, as are the objectives of the owners/stakeholders of the golf course. Unlike many management companies in the industry, we promote our client's brand, not our own, and customize our management engagements to address the specific needs of each property, placing emphasis on meeting strategic objectives of the owners/stakeholders. Incentives that align our mutual financial objectives are a critical component to each management engagement we enter, creating the proper "win-win" environment.

We believe that every Co-worker contributes directly to our growth and success, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team!  Ultimately, we count on our Co-workers to deliver a great experience for our members and guests which creates Advocates.  In turn, our Advocates promote our programs and golf facilities and extend our marketing efforts into the community.  As an organization this is our ultimate goal, on every level, join us in developing Advocates.