Course Owners & Private Clubs

Touchstone Golf's principals have been called on countless times throughout their careers to provide operational oversight of private clubs. Each club has a specific character, tradition and membership that make that club individually unique. To maximize the potential of a private club these attributes must be thoroughly understood and provide the foundation for a successful operation and club environment. There is no room for a one-size fits all approach to private club management; with this in mind, Touchstone tailors its approach at private clubs based on the specific needs of that Club.

Quite often, private clubs are social and recreational centers of the lives of our members and their families. To this end, Touchstone’s philosophy is to implement programs and events that are geared toward enhancing their enjoyment of the clubs and the pride associated with membership.

Touchstone Golf brings a clear focus on membership growth and retention, providing a first class club experience for members and their guests and a disciplined approach to the behind the scenes aspects of club operation to set the club’s performance on the proper trajectory. We appreciate that improved operating results at our private clubs provide financial stability and potential reinvestment, key components to ensure the long term strength of a club.