Golf Management Services

In today's challenging economy, golf course owners must have an acute understanding of the competitive landscape as well as the expertise to not only adjust operations in line with current market conditions, but also engage new sales and marketing techniques to properly grow and manage revenues. Taking into consideration the unique environmental, political, financial and sociological aspects of each project, Touchstone works closely with each client to identify opportunities for improving both the financial performance and quality of the experience.

Having managed every type of golf course property in communities nationwide, from municipal courses to exclusive private and resort clubs, Touchstone takes a fully integrated, highly personalized approach to golf course management. We realize that excellent guest service, an outstanding food and beverage experience, superb agronomic conditions, and opportunities that engage, compel and more closely connect golfers with the game are integral to the overall success of the property.

From budgeting and finance, sales and marketing, public relations, and people management to departmental evaluation and improvement, we combine state-of-the-art technologies with good old fashioned ingenuity to set benchmarks and achieve results.

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  • Budgeting & Finance

    Budgeting & Finance

    Touchstone delivers a wide range of resources in the area of financial controls, including planning and budgeting; cash handling procedures; point-of-sale integration; payroll and accounting support; and comprehensive structuring of all policies and procedures that protect the owner's investment.

    Our centralized accounting systems enable us to prepare timely, accurate financial reports in a cost-effective manner, while our cash control systems can be easily installed and monitored. From preparing annual operating budgets for owner approval to establishing reporting systems, we customize our approach to the needs of each golf course owner.

    Additionally, Touchstone has the ability to quickly move employees under Touchstone Golf subsidiaries, offering a variety of employee benefits and Human Resources administration support such as low-cost Worker's Compensation and health insurance plans.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    Once an oversight in the golf course industry, marketing and sales are the backbone of today's revenue challenged golf courses. Advertising alone is no longer sufficient to sustain awareness and utilization. Touchstone takes a sophisticated, multi-faceted approach to marketing the golf course aimed at improving revenue quality and consistency, accomplishing group and membership sales targets, and solidifying customer relationships.

    We combine industry-leading customer feedback systems and state-of-the-art demographic and data gathering technology with proven sales and marketing strategies to formulate annual marketing plans targeted at your specific audience. In addition we constantly monitor and analyze existing market conditions surrounding each property in our portfolio to determine optimum pricing to maximize facility income. Our industry leading revenue management techniques are geared toward growing revenue and the bottom line performance of each facility.

    Our efforts include the development of strong loyalty and affinity programs, membership products tailored to your property, comprehensive public relations and community outreach programs, and utilization of new media including social networking/ Internet-based marketing vehicles to broaden your reach while maximizing your return on marketing dollars. Our sales and marketing programs are refined on an ongoing basis to optimize revenue performance, and include detailed tracking systems to ensure executive-level visibility to weekly sales activity.

  • People Management

    People Management

    The golf course business faces continuous challenges in the management of human resources. High turnover rates and lack of training in the industry leads to poor execution by employees. In order for employees to excel in their jobs, they need clear direction and performance measurement systems to keep them on track.

    Touchstone has extensive experience in managing and developing people, from members of the management team to front line staff. We build high-performance teams at each facility by recruiting the best talent available, providing in-depth training with an emphasis on superior guest service, and developing incentive and advancement programs that inspire productivity and ensure job satisfaction and retention.

  • Departmental Improvement

    Departmental Improvement

    Delivering an outstanding golf experience means focusing on much more than manicured greens and pristine fairways. While agronomy remains of primary importance, other departmental components, including food and beverage, merchandising, and the driving range/player development programs, are critical to a golf property’s overall financial performance.

    With a combined 65 years of experience improving operations in all aspects of golf facility management, Touchstone leadership has the knowledge and expertise to balance the objectives of these departments with the revenue and expense expectations of the property. We systematically evaluate all departments and install systems to drive performance, using benchmarking against like properties. We also develop programs that help to unite employees in all departmental areas with a shared vision and a unified focus on guest service.

    In addition, Touchstone Golf effectively leverages our national account relationships with merchandise and equipment suppliers, golf course maintenance equipment and supply vendors, and food and beverage purveyors to receive optimum pricing on products necessary for operation of the facility. The course owner receives 100% of all savings and rebates associated with our national account relationships.

    The result is highly efficient operations at the department level, as well as accountability of the management team in each area.